We lovingly showcase the creative works of Berkshire Artists. We believe in supporting the beautiful, talented artisans in residence of Western Massachusetts. Their talents range from farm & textile products to photography, fine art & design. There is purpose & passion in the work of these skilled craftspeople. Our shop is a kaleidescope of exquisite beauty that the Berkshires has to offer. Please drop in any day or evening to find your special piece of the Berkshires & to bask in our mosaic of art therapy.

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PRINT SERVICES: We also have a fully-equipped print shop, capable of producing large-volume copies, color copies, small & large one-color copies, letterheads, envelopes, & business cards, NCR, fax services, laminating, binding & newsletters. Copy, scan and fax services over 25 years open 6 days a week during the winter, closed on Sunday. Telephone (413)637-2234 or Fax (413) 637-9835.